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Food Pantry Oasis

(bulk) Apricot Food Pantry Cabinet

(bulk) Apricot Food Pantry Cabinet


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Key Features:

• Shelf: 10mm Glass (Not Tempered Glass)

• Light Included


Finish: Gold Finish

Material: Resin, Composite Wood, Glass

Product Dimensions: 47"L X 27"W X 90"H

Net Weight: 293 lbs

Shipping Package:

Pack: 1Set/3Ctn

Cubic Feet: 80.73 ft³

Package Dimensions: 93"L X 50"W X 30"H

Gross Weight: 365 lbs

Package Type: CARTON

Ship Type: LTL


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Hire furniture moving and/or assembly helper(s) locally at low cost (when the furniture is too heavy and/or big to assemble yourself alone)
Search “nationwide furniture moving help service” online to find furniture movers to hire. by U-Haul is a great, reliable, low-cost moving service provider for moving the delivered LTL shipment into the room of your choice.

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